Release your skin's inner beauty for outer glow.

ApricotSkiesNM founder and owner Savannah Boone started with an idea, the simple premise that our minds and our bodies deserve better. As an Art and Anthropology major from the University of California in the picturesque Sonoma Valley, Savannah learned early on that our wellbeing can be impacted by the things we see and the things that we touch. Over the years she has explored this theme across 41 international borders and through many unique and challenging endeavors, including successfully sharing with the world the rich beauty of indigenous orchids, arts, crafts, antiquities and culture from her beloved Caribbean homeland. As the latest in three generations of female entrepreneurs, Savannah now leads a company that represents the apex of all her experiences, ApricotSkiesNM. Today her goal, her idea, and her mission remain simple: to create what our bodies deserve. So don't be afraid to discriminate, and consider carefully what touches your skin!